Physician Services


Century Specialty Script is a specialty pharmacy that offers comprehensive pharmacological care for patients with acute and chronic illnesses. Through a unique system of care, Century Specialty Script provides patients with expert therapy management and services designed to meet their specific needs. Our experienced staff of licensed pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, patient care coordinators and billing specialists, provides superior clinical, economic and humanistic outcomes. The combined effect of our specialized services results in increased patient adherence and the maximization of overall therapy.


Physicians enjoy: 


  •      Streamlined Patient Enrollment Process


                  Patients are enrolled with a single phone call or fax.



  • Insurance and Prior Authorization


    • Century Specialty Script will handle every aspect of your patients’ insurance verification and obtain all necessary prior authorizations.
  • Unserviceable Referrals”: In the event that a patient’s insurance mandates that they must use a closed network, Century Specialty Script will transfer the prescription and follow-up to ensure a positive outcome.        


  • Dedicated Specialty Pharmacy Care Coordinator
    • Your practice will be assigned a dedicated Specialty Pharmacy Care Coordinator.


  • Century Care Program
    • Century Specialty Script’s Century Care Patient Adherence and Education Program is individualized to meet the specific needs of your patients.  Our programs feature medication reminders, medication specific literature, educational materials and updated information on local support organizations and events.


  • Century Care Program Reporting
    • Century Specialty Script offers monthly updates summarizing your patients’ therapies, reporting adherence progress and monitoring medication side-effects.




  • Century Care 24- Hour Clinical Assistance
    • On-call pharmacists are available to patients for counseling 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


  • Century Care Nursing Services
    • Nurses are available to visit your patients to offer advice and instruction on the proper techniques for injectable medications.


  • Century Care Specialty Script Website
    • Century Specialty Script’s Website provides updated information on medication, disease states, patient education and links to national and local organizations that may be of interest to our patients.


  • Single Pharmacy Solution
    • Century Specialty Script can fill all of your patient’s prescription needs, including injectable and oral medications.