Disease Management

At Century Specialty Script, our number one priority is to accommodate the needs of our patients. We understand that our patients rely on us not only for their medication, but for our knowledge and counseling as well. Our staff is trained in the management of multiple disease states and offers a wide variety of specialized services that help our patients manage the effects of their disease in an efficient and simplified manner. Century Specialty Script offers consultations on the proper use of medication, side effect management, drug interactions, and patient adherence. Our services result in increased patient adherence and the maximization of overall therapy.
Chronic Diseases

Our experienced staff takes great pride in helping our patients cope with the challenges of their diseases. Century Specialty Script has expert knowledge in these diseases and uses that knowledge to enhance the lives of our patients. We manage all chronic diseases including, but not limited to:

Chronic Kidney Disease

Crohn’s Disease

Deep Vein Thrombosis

Gaucher’s Disease

Growth Hormone Deficiency


Hepatitis C


Immune Deficiency


Multiple Sclerosis




Rheumatoid Arthritis


Ulcerative Colitis